Renewing my CHW or CHW/CRS Certification

Certified individuals must obtain at least 14 hours of CEUs by May 31st of each year.  Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are critical to maintaining professional knowledge in a career as a peer support specialist.

If you are a Community Health Worker, CEUs include time spent learning about mental wellness, cultural competence, environmental health, ethics, chronic diseases, food & nutrition, etc. If you are a Community Health Worker/Certified Recovery Specialist, CEUs include time spent learning about mental health, substance use, ethics, and Peer Support services. CEUs do not include time spent in an employment and/or volunteer position. CEUs are measured in hours (1 hour of learning = 1 hour of CEU). Click here to see upcoming CEU opportunities!

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Where Can I Find Continuing Education Units?


At the end of a conference, you will usually receive a certificate that includes the number of hours that you spent at the event. Keep this certificate for your records. If there was a presentation in a particular area (such as ethics or mental health), make note of the details about that presentation, as details will not be recorded on the certificate you receive (you will need to track it on the attached sheet).


Internet learning opportunities may be free or may have an associated cost. There may be a certificate that you can print out at the end. If there is no certificate, or if you don’t have access to a printer, you may complete the Archived Webinar Survey.

Workshops, Seminars, Trainings, Presentations

This does not include work-related meetings unless there is a relevant presentation that lasts at least one hour. If a special presentation is arranged to teach your work group, then it could be included.

College Coursework

Individuals can receive CEU hours for college coursework. Time spent in an accredited college class room learning about primary care, mental health, or substance use related topics apply. You may record your professor as the “presenter” on your CEU record sheet. To ensure that your class time will qualify for CEU credit, you may contact the Training and Outreach Coordinator at 260-422-6441.

If you miss the deadline to complete all materials, please submit the CHW/CRS Late Renewal Form. There is also an additional $50.00 fee to reinstate and adequate CEUs will need to be demonstrated. Please contact to request information about reinstating a lapsed certification.

For any questions regarding CEUs, please contact the Training and Outreach Coordinator using the contact information below.

(260) 422-6441